DATAKEY modules at a glance

DATAKEY® offers you numerous application modules for mobile data collection along your entire supply chain from the receipt of goods to delivery.

The modules are standardised, but they can be customised as required:

Receiving and Put-Away

Entering and posting receipt of delivered goods, optionally in two steps and with photo documentation as well as damage report


Unplanned transfer from source storage location to target storage location

Order picking

  • based on pick lists from the ERP system
  • paperless through the manual selection of picking requests on a handheld terminal


  • Packing of sales articles in shipping units
  • Load the shipping units, optionally with photo documentation of loading safety


  • Confirmation of delivery by delivery scan at the consignee’s premises
  • Optional GPS tracking


  • Download inventory lists to a handheld terminal
  • Identify bin location and article and enter the quantity counted
  • Upload, verify, initiate a recount (if required) and release the inventory data for posting

Facilities and Maintenance

  • Asset inventory
  • Performance and recording of inspections and servicing through electronic and user-guided inspection and service plans
  • Audit-proof evidence of compliance with inspection regulations