The solution at a glance

DATAKEY® runs on its own physical or virtual server, which as a “data hub” communicates both with the interface to the ERP system as well as with the control centre and the mobile devices.

ERP interfaces

DATAKEY® can connect with practically every ERP or IT system via views, tables or web services.

DATAKEY® server

The DATAKEY® server comprises the database (MS SQL) and web server as well as optional software for designing and printing labels. The web application offers application modules for numerous functions and business processes.

DATAKEY® clients

The control centre is a web client for desktop PCs or mobile terminals and is responsible for managing and monitoring the flow of goods:

  • Monitoring and status of orders
  • Drill down, filtering, sorting and Excel export
  • Release of orders
  • Allocation of employees and resources such as forklifts

Mobile Windows clients (e.g. rugged industrial handheld devices or forklift terminals) and mobile web clients (e.g. smartphones, tablets) collect the data on site and communicate with the DATAKEY® server and the ERP system via wireless LAN or wireless WAN.