Hardware for automatic data collection

Our hardware for automatic data collection

  • collects your data by barcode, 2D code and RFID on site
  • transfers your data via wireless LAN or wireless WAN
  • speeds up your processes through real-time data transfer
  • lowers the data collection effort
  • reduces data collection errors and complaints
  • ensures up-to-date and transparent inventories
  • enables your products to be tracked and traced
  • offers counterfeit protection for your products

Spotlight on auto-ID: barcode and automatic data collection

Nowadays, barcodes and 2D codes are an indispensable technology for the quick, efficient and reliable identification of products, animals and people in numerous applications in nearly every industry.

We offer you everything you need in the way of barcodes/2D codes and automatic data collection:

  • Corded or Bluetooth handheld scanners/imagers for barcodes or 2D codes
  • DPM scanners for direct identification of barcoded or 2D coded products
  • Fixed mount scanners for conveyor systems, scales and assembly lines
  • Rugged, mobile handheld computers with touchscreen, keyboard, integrated scanner or imager, RFID reader, wireless LAN, wireless WAN, GPS for logistics and field service
  • Shock-resistant forklift and vehicle terminals with touchscreen, heating, wireless LAN, wireless WAN, GPS
  • Tablet PCs for industrial use
  • EX certified mobile computers for explosive atmospheres
  • Barcode label printers
  • Label design and printing software
  • Labels and ribbons