State-of-the-art technologies:
Radio Frequency IDentification and sensor systems

RFID is a proven radio frequency identification technology whose use has spread rapidly in the last few years. RFID systems (transponder > antenna > reader) have special features:

  • Contactless exchange of information WITHOUT visual contact
  • “Simultaneous” identification of several transponders
  • High degree of security and reliability even in extreme ambient conditions
  • Updatable, high-capacity memory directly in the transponder

Whenever you are ready to take advantage of the specific benefits of RFID, we’ve got everything you need in the way of RFID:

  • Rugged, mobile handheld computers with touchscreen, keyboard, integrated scanner/imager, RFID/NFC reader, wireless LAN, wireless WAN, GPS
  • Corded or Bluetooth handheld readers
  • Tablet PCs with RFID/NFC reader
  • Fixed RFID readers and antennas for conveyor systems
  • RFID portals and tunnels for shipping and receiving
  • RFID equipment for forklifts
  • RFID printers
  • RFID labels, transponders and special shapes and designs
  • Sensor tags: recording of temperature, humidity/moisture, vibrations