Mobile yet constantly connected

Mobile data collection obviously requires mainly wireless data transfer via wireless LAN or public mobile networks, so that the data can be processed quickly in central IT systems.

We offer everything your wireless LAN needs for mobile data collection:

  • Drawing on our many years' experience in conducting site surveys in a wide range of locations (e.g. warehouses storing metal goods or liquid containers, cold storage facilities, EX areas and outdoor sites) as well as the use of state-of-the-art tools, we plan your wireless LAN architecture in accordance with your requirements
  • Stand-alone access points for small wireless LANs, which can be operated without a high-lever controller (wireless LAN switch)
  • Access ports or lightweight access points, which are operated using a wireless switch as the high-level controller. These are easier and cheaper to implement than conventional access points
  • Wireless LAN switches for use in a wide range of network architectures:
    • As a centralised wireless LAN switch/controller with distributed access points to guarantee secure and reliable access via wireless in small and medium-sized companies
    • or for large companies with distributed locations or branches and networking via the internet, in which case a wireless LAN switch is installed at each location