Printers, labels and ribbons

We offer printers, ribbons and labels

  • for every use: barcode, 2D code, RFID
  • for every environment: hot, cold, humid, damp, dusty, greasy, UV light
  • for every surface: smooth, rough, level, metal, cardboard, food, plastic, glass
  • in every material: paper, plastic, cardboard, metal, ceramic
  • in every type: blank, printed, white, transparent, colour
  • in every shape: round, square, rectangular
  • in every format: single row, multi-row, on roll, fan-folded

Barcode and label printers for all standard media

  • Industrial printers: Sturdy, reliable printers for labels of a few millimetres to A4 size with a resolution of 203 to 600 dpi
  • Desktop printers: comfortable, compact tabletop printers for medium-volume label printing, easy-to-use, does not require much space
  • Mobile printers/receipt printers: For the labelling of goods and packages on site and the printing of receipts directly at the customer’s
  • RFID printers: label printers with integrated coding function for transponders
  • Plastic card printers for plastic visitors, staff, club and ID cards
  • Patient wristband printers

Design and printing software is the perfect solution for almost every printing or coding task with variable data for labels, coding of RFID labels and smart cards, the engraving of signs and even the direct coding of parts and packaging. This software can be used stand-alone or integrated into your network and almost any other data source.

We provide you with the easy-to-use and popular Bartender® and Codesoft® Software.