RFID for reliable and secure read and write processes

RFID Etiketten & Transponder

RFID systems always consist of readers, antennae and transponders. Tailor your RFID system to your usage needs. Just the right system of readers, antennae and transponders is the basic requirement for reliable and secure read and write processes.

There is a wide variety of transponders, which differ according to the following criteria:

  • Frequency and transmission standards (UHF, HF, NFC, LF)
  • Active (with battery)/passive (without battery)
  • Chip type and memory size
  • Antenna geometry for different applications
  • Writing/reading range
  • Area of application (temperature-, solvent-resistant)
  • Material (paper, plastic)
  • Size, format, shape, and design
  • Security features

We advise you on the best system for you and offer you RFID labels and transponders in a wide variety of shapes and forms:

  • Inlays
  • Labels
  • Smart cards
  • Tickets
  • Mount-on-metal transponders
  • Disk tags
  • Key hangers
  • Wristbands