Our method of project management

In terms of structure, our method of project management is no different than any other method. But in terms of content there is a big difference, as we specialise exclusively in the project management of auto-ID projects and can draw on many years’ experience and many successful projects.

Our project management is divided into the following stages, and each stage is completed based on the size and the requirements of the project:

1. Analysis (workshop, risk assessment, technical and commercial feasibility -> product requirement specifications)
2. Project organisation (resource plan, project plan -> kickoff)
3. Design/implementation (process mapping, interfaces, change control -> programming)
4. Testing (VPN connection, testing equipment, in-house testing, QM -> test report)
5. Hand-over (installation, training, testing -> acceptance -> hand-over to support)


The close of each stage is documented. The test report is available to all users. We would like to point out our change control, i.e. the monitoring of changes during the implementation phase. This includes:

  • Information to all parties involved,
  • Monitoring the impact of changes on, for example, interfaces, other processes, software operation, project schedule, and project budget.

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