Software development

Over the last ten years, B&M TRICON has continued to expand its software development. The software department’s main project is the development of DATAKEY®, the auto-ID and MDE software for the supply chain, which has been funded by, among others, the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG).

The further development of DATAKEY® and the customisation of the existing DATAKEY® application modules are the key tasks of the software department. This means continuing to expand the portfolio of DATAKEY® application modules and supply chain solutions, as well as creating comprehensive auto-ID solutions for the supply chain based on customer requirements.

DATAKEY® solutions also comprise, among other things, the integration of various other systems like PPS (production planning systems), IMS (inventory management systems) or ERP systems (billing systems).

In addition, our software department is also developing interfaces for machine data collection, personnel planning systems, time recording systems etc.

DATAKEY® is the data hub for all the systems involved.

As the original developer of DATAKEY®, we possess the expertise needed to adapt the software to customer-specific requirements. We create individual solutions on the basis of standardised DATAKEY® software components, which leads to secure and cost-efficient applications.

The software development steps of a project:

  • Start with the kickoff meeting (see Project management)
  • Preparation of software guidelines on the basis of product requirement specifications, with additional tips on creating tables, enabling of fields and tables, setting statuses etc.
  • Preparation of a software flowchart
  • Structured programming according to internal specifications
  • Commenting/documentation of the programme
  • Programming of the user interface in a user-friendly way (easy, intuitive handling)
  • Several phases of testing by our testing team with optimisation runs, during which all the worst case scenarios of the process are tested.
  • In-house testing with test report (is available to the user)
  • Customer site testing of processes
  • Commissioning/go-live

B&M TRICON’s engineering expertise in hardware and software and experience in process, logistics, and project management guarantee customers not only a comprehensive, one-stop solution from professionals, but also the best fitting, most practical and economically sound solution to meet their needs.

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