The SENSOR TAG from B&M TRICON is available in several product configurations and supplies reliable short- and long-term data about:

  • temperature
  • humidity
  • collision
  • impact
  • inclination
  • operation hours
  • expiry date
  • seals
  • geo-information
Thanks to its using a range of different types of casing, the SENSOR TAG can be used in almost any area.


Our data loggers are used in many different areas due to different types of housings - for example, in transport, warehousing, shipping, medicine, machine maintenance and server rooms.

SENSOR TAGS are used for

  • quality assurance by condition and threshold monitoring
  • monitoring and logging the cooling chain during transport and storage
  • long-term measurement of climate conditions for temperature- and humidity-sensitive products
  • clarification of damage cases, claim and liability questions by vibration detection on a machine-controlled early warning system
  • there is also an option to use other sensors (e.g. light sensors)
The advantages at a glance:

  • All sensors are included in one data logger
  • Communication via NFC and quad band GSM 
  • Robust enclosures for extreme ambient conditions (even under permanent frost)
  • Long offline recording functionality and a focus on a long lifetime (use over several years without battery changes)
  • Individually adjustable notifications in case of errors
  • No power connection required, suitable for tracking application (e.g. in trucks, parcels, ...)
  • Easy world wide access to the private cloud platform with virtually all internet enabled end devices
  • All-in-one service and a comprehensive overview of the costs: hardware, software, training and maintenance concepts
  • Investments are amortized within a very short time

The measurement stored can be transferred quickly and easily using an RFID UHF or HF (NFC) interface, a 2.45 GHz USB scanner, or directly by GSM. Parameterisation, display and administration of the measurement data of the SENSOR TAG are by the company’s own software solution, DATAKEY®.

The DATAKEY® SENSOR TAG-Cloud enables rapid, controlled access to the collected data, as well as evaluation of measured data at any time and from any location. 

Over the following pages, we will provide you with details of the central software solution for all SENSOR TAGs, and the respective usage options, specifications and readouts of the individual types:

Central software solution

HF / NFC      UHF     2.45 GHz    GSM  

We can offer you a solution tailored to your precise needs. Ask our Sales Team about which product will be best suited to your purposes, or send your enquiry with the following form.